Why Newborn Baby Hampers and Gifts?

Why Newborn Baby Hampers and Gifts?

Why on earth would a woman who has never had a baby build a baby gift business?

I ask myself this question often and some days I think I've gone completely bananas. The thing is I've never been able to have kids, I'm just not made right. And year after year, after a lot of heartache and pain I've slowly come to the conclusion that that's OK.

Some would think that seeing other women have babies and build a family would make me feel sad or jealous even. But i actually love celebrating the birth of other babies and new mums. In fact I love it. It makes my heart happy to help others celebrate what I could never have. I am so so happy for every single one of them.

Every Baby Hamper and Handmade Baby Gift I send off into the world makes me proud. Proud to have a positive impact of that persons life during such an incredible time in their life.

It makes my heart sing!


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